The 2 hour video from the automation training that was held on June 9 is available here.

2021 A meet templates are available here. These were updated on June 9 to include a Time Trials template.
2021 A meet event files are available here.

2021 B meet templates are available here. The dates in these files are for the week after the corresponding A meets. Some teams run the B meets before their A meets. If so, just open each file in Meet Manager and change the dates. In any event, you can create event files yourself by selecting File, Export, Events for TM.

We have a series of YouTube videos available that show how to use Meet Manager for setting up A meets. It is suggested that you watch these videos before you attend Automation training, or as a refresher.

Meet Manager 4.0Ej update file

To install this update: 

From the File menu of Meet Manager select "Install Update".  A dialog box will pop up asking if you want to check for updates on the Hytek website. Click No and then a dialog box will open that will allow you to select the "" that you downloaded from the link above. After selecting this file Meet Manager will check the current version running and the version in the update file and allow you to update the program.

If you get the error "Invalid procedure call or argument", try this:

  1. Exit Meet Manager.
  2. Open the Windows file explorer and go to C:\Hy-Sport\SwMM4 directory (or wherever Meet Manager is installed).
  3. Find the file named SwimMM4InstallUpdate.exe.
  4. Right click on it and select "Run as administrator".
  5. Follow the directions to install the update.

 Team Unify users - Video on how to upload TU results


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