Guidance for 2021 divisionals, including for automation, is available here. The end of the document has specifics if your division is holding multiple meets for divisionals. As always, reach out to with questions.

Please remember to List, not Score, the 19 year old events. If you mistakenly Score them we'll need to reach out to you for a meet backup to fix the error.

The Divisionals meet template is available here. Note that there's an error in event 1: it's alrady marked "Scored". To fix that, go to File, Purge, Reset Event Results and Seeding, select event 1, then press Re-Set. You can then seed event 1. 

Divisionals meet event files are available here.

There is a new MCSL records file. To update them in your remaining meet file:

  1. Download this file MCSL-s.rec and save it on your computer.
  2. Open your meet file for week 5.
  3. Select Reports, Records.
  4. Import the new record by selecting Import, then select the file you downloaded in the first step.
  5. Close the Records window.

All Star times have been updated. To update them in your remaining meet files:

  1. Download this file 2021-1-AllStarTimeStd.st2 and save it on your computer.
  2. Open your meet file for week 4.
  3. Select Reports, Time Standards.
  4. Delete the existing "ALL*" time standards by selecting "ALL*" in the lower grid, then click the "X" just above that grid.
  5. Import the new time standards by selecting Import, then select the file you downloaded in the first step.
  6. Close the Time Standards window.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the week 5 file.

Automation Guidelines for 19yr old Swimmers

These are guidelines for the automation personnel on how to handle the specific 19yr old special situations from the 19yr old swimmer FAQ outlined below.

Can I swim the 19-year-olds with the 15-18s in the 15-18 event?

Yes, if there are openings in the 15-18 event and all 19-year-old swimmers in their corresponding event can be accommodated without adding an additional heat. 

Automation Steps:

From a Meet Manager perspective, you should still enter the 19yr old swimmers in the 19yr old events.  The clerk of course can combine the 15-18 and 19yr old swimmers for the race, but when the timer sheets come to the automation table, the swimmers should be entered in the correct event.  For example: there is one 19yr old swimmer and they have been entered as the only swimmer in a 19yr old event.  The clerk of course has an open lane in the corresponding 15-18 yr old event and has the 19yr old swim with them.  When the timer slips get to automation, you should enter the 15-18 swimmers as usual in the 15-18 event, but the 19yr old time should be entered in the 19yr old event.  The lane that the swimmer raced in does not matter, just enter the time based on the swimmer name.

Can I combine a boys and girls 19-year-old event (of the same stroke) so the 19-year-olds are not swimming alone?

Yes, and this is the preferred approach. 

Automation Steps:

This is the same as the prior example.  In Meet Manager the swimmers are entered into the appropriate events, but the clerk of course can combine those swimmers into one race.  When the timer slips reach the automation table, the times should be entered by name into the original events.

Can I add swimmer(s) to a 19-year-old event so the 19 year old doesn't have to swim alone?

The first choice would be to try and combine boys/girls in the 19-year-old event.  But yes, this can be done.  You cannot add a 15-18 from a 15-18 event of the same stroke as 15-18s entered in an event must swim in their designated event.  But you can have a swimmer swim with the sole 19-year-old.  This is a "throw away" swim for the swimmer that was added.  It does not count as an exhibition swim and the added swimmer's time does not get recorded in the meet results.  We don't want this abused.  This is not an opportunity to get someone another attempt at a time and we don't want this to turn into an additional B meet event for the 15-18s.  Since this is a "throw away" swim, the swim does not count toward the individual event limit for the swimmer that was added.

Automation Steps:

In this situation you should still only enter the 19yr old swimmer in the event, but the coach can send some “companion” swimmers to the clerk of course to swim with the 19yr old.  The other swimmers should not be entered in the event.  When the race is swum only the 19yr old time is recorded and sent to the automation table for entry into the event.  The other swimmers should not event show up in Meet Manager.

A 15-18 entered in a 15-18 event would rather swim with the 19-year-old because they'd be more comfortable. Is this allowed?

No.  15-18s entered in 15-18 events must swim in their designated event.  15-18 events are not to be split into multiple heats in order to combine with 19-year-olds.

Automation Steps:

No changes needed.

In Summary

  • Do not enter any 15-18s in the 19-year-old events. The only swimmers that should be entered in MM into the 19-year-old events are actual 19-year-olds.
  • Similarly, do not enter any 19-year-olds in the 15-18 events.
  • If a 15-18 is swimming at the same time as the 19-year-olds, and is swimming just to provide some competition to the 19-year-olds so they don't swim alone, do not enter these swimmers into the database in the 19-year-old event. Do not even enter them as exhibition swimmers, and do not record their times. These are throw-away times.
  • If you're swimming 19-year-old boys and girls at the same time, do not combine the events in MM. Enter the boys' times in the odd numbered "A" event (like 5A), and the girls' times in the even numbered "A" event (like 6A).
  • *** From the Run screen, do not use Score or Re-score for the 19-year-old events. Use List instead. If you accidentally press Score or Re-score, you' will get a dialog box that says "This event is not set-up to score points!". You must select No or Cancel on this dialog box. Do not select Yes. ***

The 2 hour video from the automation training that was held on June 9 is available here.

2021 A meet templates are available here. These were updated on June 9 to include a Time Trials template.
2021 A meet event files are available here.

2021 B meet templates are available here. The dates in these files are for the week after the corresponding A meets. Some teams run the B meets before their A meets. If so, just open each file in Meet Manager and change the dates. In any event, you can create event files yourself by selecting File, Export, Events for TM.

We have a series of YouTube videos available that show how to use Meet Manager for setting up A meets. It is suggested that you watch these videos before you attend Automation training, or as a refresher.

Meet Manager 4.0Ej update file

To install this update: 

From the File menu of Meet Manager select "Install Update".  A dialog box will pop up asking if you want to check for updates on the Hytek website. Click No and then a dialog box will open that will allow you to select the "" that you downloaded from the link above. After selecting this file Meet Manager will check the current version running and the version in the update file and allow you to update the program.

If you get the error "Invalid procedure call or argument", try this:

  1. Exit Meet Manager.
  2. Open the Windows file explorer and go to C:\Hy-Sport\SwMM4 directory (or wherever Meet Manager is installed).
  3. Find the file named SwimMM4InstallUpdate.exe.
  4. Right click on it and select "Run as administrator".
  5. Follow the directions to install the update.

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