Coaches Long Course Invitational Meet is Tuesday July 10th.

Coaches Long Course Final Seedings will be posted as soon as all meet scratches have been processed, probably Wednesday 7/4/2011.


Coaches Long Course Scratches are due by 6 pm Sunday,  July 1st.  This is true regardless of whether the “preliminary” rankings could be posted.  Check the homepage for the latest info on deadlines.

Scratches must be submitted via email to:

Scratches must include:

          The name of the swimmer.

          The name and abbreviation of the team.

          A contact e-mail and phone.

          A valid return e-mail address.

          The stroke (s) that the swimmer does not wish to swim.

            If at all possible, please submit all scratches for your team on one page, alphabetical order (last name) is much appreciated.


Scratches that are hypothetical, involve “what-if” scenarios, are contingent, or are improperly submitted (e.g. “I want to swim back only”) will not be accepted, nor will we notify the senders.  Please refer to the handbook (page 66) regarding the seeding process.  If it is important that your swimmer swims a particular stroke, they should scratch out of other strokes – it is common for higher level scratches and seeds to move swimmers several places, and likely into other strokes, especially in this meet.  If you are ranked 16th or lower in the all-star rankings please let us know if you will not be at the meet.


Please encourage your automation people to submit results in a timely fashion.  Please notify us if any times are missing!!  



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