There's a problem with the Divisionals meet template: it has 8 lanes instead of 6. You can use this backup file instead, or follow these instructions under the "Global Change of Lanes/Positions" section.

Make sure that your team abbreviation that is set in Team Manager, Team Unify, or Swimtopia matches the MCSL abbreviation or your meet results will not upload to this site.

If you have year-round club swimmers, they should use their USA Swimming ID in your team management software. Do not change the swimmer ID after the season has started.

  • If Meet Manager asks you to update to another version of 8.0, go head and do the update. The most recent version is "8.0Fa".
  • The 2024 automation template and event files can be dowloaded from the Documents listed on this page.
  • We have a series of YouTube videos available that show how to use Meet Manager for setting up A meets. It is suggested that you watch these videos before you attend Automation training, or as a refresher. You're probably better off watching these videos than the recording of the automation training.
  • The recording of the 2024 automation training is available here. It's 90 minutes long.
  • We have upgraded to Meet Manager 8.0. If you need the software, contact web@mcsl.org.