In 1999, MCSL donated a compilation of its papers and records to the Montgomery County Historical Society. This will not only allow the league permanent access to records that otherwise might disappear or be damaged as they are transferred from one set of board members to another, but will also allow the history of MCSL to become a permanent part of the history of Montgomery County.

Over the last years, we have managed to acquire a reasonably complete set of key records: handbooks from 1969 (when handbooks were first printed), minutes of board meetings, rules for competition (from the early years before the rules were included in the handbook), and swimming results and records.

Overall, we believe we will now be able to reconstruct the swimming record times and record holders for MCSL back to the league's beginnings (compared to the 1969 period, which had been our earliest record of best times), and to chart changes in rules, policies, and operating structure.

At the same time, we are seeking copies of minutes of meetings of the executive board and the league's representatives, from 1970 through 1986. Finally, all-star programs for almost any year would be welcomed.

Our first preference would be for donations of materials. If individuals or teams wish to retain originals, but could make copies available, that is more than acceptable. Though the league is reluctant to take material on loan, copy it and then return it (largely because of concerns about the condition of the originals), we would consider this as a last resort. Absent an explicit, prior understanding of a loan arrangement, MCSL will consider all materials supplied to the league as constituting a permanent transfer of the materials, with disposition (press clippings, for example, will be added to the collection in reproduced form, not in the original newsprint) of the materials at the league's discretion.

To donate material or for additional information, contact Bill Ferguson at Ferg2b@aol.com