Executive Board

Committee chairs are in bold.

Office Member Committees
President Kristine Frohman (LM) Rules, Clinics, Athlete Inclusion
Vice President Jessica Moore (NWB) Clinics, Rules, Competition
Treasurer Rebecca Fayed (WM) Clinics, Rules, Competition, Communications
Secretary Tom Allison (WTL) Competition, Clinics
  Liz Novatny (MW) Awards
  Scott Witkin (OM) Clinics, Competition, Rules, Handbook
  Jim Garner (DT) Clinics, Competition, Rules, SSL Hours
  Andrew Arai (GM) Rules, Competition, Handbook, Safe Sport
  Eric Smith (NCC) Automation
  Gabe Ossi (FO) Hall of Fame, Records, Green Book
  Marcie Ament (MW) Handbook, Advertising
  Tom Donley (CA) Hospitality, Awards
  Tom Lang (SG) Automation

To contact MCSL, please use the appropriate email address:

Entire board board@mcsl.org
President president@mcsl.org
Treasurer treasurer@mcsl.org
Secretary secretary@mcsl.org
Officials officials@mcsl.org
Clinics clinics@mcsl.org
Awards awards@mcsl.org
Advertising ads@mcsl.org
Rules committee rules@mcsl.org
Competition committee competition@mcsl.org
Starter equipment colorado@mcsl.org
Web site web@mcsl.org
Automation automation@mcsl.org
Handbook handbook@mcsl.org
Hall of Fame halloffame@mcsl.org
Safe Sport safesport@mcsl.org
SSL Hours ssl@mcsl.org