Team Representative Information

Some of our meetings are virtual, some are in-person. See the home page calendar for details about specific meetings. For in-person meetings, we meet at the Montgomery County Executive Office Building at 101 Monroe Street in Rockville. See this map for where the entrance is located and where you can park.

Reps meetings are described below. Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month, but we sometimes move them to avoid conflicts (spring break, etc.). For the specific dates for the current year, please refer to our home page.

  • February: First reps meeting, introduce Executive Committee & roles, review rule change proposals under consideration.
  • March: Voting - Budget & Rules changes, dues sheets distributed.
  • April: Divisional meets assignment, dues are due.
  • May: Handbooks, awards, and paperwork distributed. Have someone there!
  • June: Coaches meeting, meet management clinic, review long course schedule and procedures.
  • July: Vote on calendar for next year, election of officers and new Executive Commitee members, address areas of concern, review all-star schedule and procedures. Iona Brown nominations are due with divisional results.