Hall of Fame Inclusion Criteria

Eligibility Criteria Considered in Choosing Inductees

Nominations must be submitted by a Coach or Rep to halloffame@mcsl.org before November 1st.

To be inducted into the MCSL Hall of Fame, nominees must:

  • All categories:
    • Have contributed to the MCSL at a level beyond their team. (While individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their individual teams deserve recognition, that recognition should be at the team level. MCSL encourages teams to create their own team Hall of Fames.)
    • Have contributed to the MCSL over a long period of time -- at least several seasons.
  • Parent Reps/Board Members/Officials:
    • Not be currently on the board or active in the League.
    • Have done at least one of the following:
      • Had a significant impact on the league by streamlining procedures; introducing or adapting new technology; improving league guidance; improving meet management, including championship meets; training League officials, or in some other way positively affecting League operations; or
      • Represented MCSL significantly at local, regional, or national swimming events
  • Outstanding Swimmers:
    • Have graduated from the MCSL at least five years before nomination
    • Achieved at least one of the following:
      • Held an MCSL record or currently have a record in at least two age groups;
      • Have multiple Individual All Star or Coaches Long Course wins;
      • Be an Olympic Trial Qualifier or National Record Holder; or
      • Post-MCSL, achieve a NCAA Top 16 finish or swim at a Division 1AA school
  • Outstanding Coaches:
    • Shall be coaching in the MCSL for at least 10 years.
    • Shall have multiple years coaching with one or more League teams.
    • Shall be recognized for effectiveness in developing many swimmers or several teams.
    • Shall contribute to the growth of local age group swimming in line with League objectives, enhancing the quality of MCSL swimming through professional aquatic career.